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Quejas de Tiempo Compartido en Mayan Palace

Sea Garden Hotels, Mayan Palace Beach & Golf Resorts, The Grand Mayan, The Bliss resorts, the Grand Bliss Resorts, Mayan Island Real State.

 Quejas de Tiempo Compartido en Mayan Palace
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Comercializadora y Servicio de Turismo S.A. de C.V.; Desarrollo, Marina Vallarta S.A.d
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Summit Opportunities, LLC, Houston, TX
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Quejas Comunes:

  • El vendedor podriá reclamar que se puede vender tiempo compartido anterior del cliente por una gran suma de dinero y la compra del tiempo compartido Maya será regulado por la presente reventa.
  • Vendedor ofrece un intercambio de capital o el comercio en el programa.
  • El vendedor le dice que van a alquilar su semana Maya para un gran beneficio y emitir un cheque al cliente dentro de unos meses para que puedan pagar el tiempo compartido con los ingresos de alquiler.
  • Muchos clientes se han quejado de que cuando van a cancelar en el plazo de 5 días, les dicen que su depósito no es reembolsable, y entonces se convenció al cliente de una rebaja.

Phone: +52 (744) 469.60.03
Fax:    +52 (744) 469.60.50

Los Cabos
Phone: +52 (624) 163 - 4003
Fax: +52 (624) 163 – 4050

Nuevo Vallarta
Phone: +52 (322) 226- 4003
Fax: +52 (322) 226 – 4066

Riviera Maya
Phone: +52 (984) 206.40.03
Fax: +52 (984) 206.40.50

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484 Queja(s)
  • lrhoff Diciembre 1, 2019, 6:49 pm

    My husband and I went to Vidanta Riviera Maya in October 2019 and had the worst experience EVER! We were told they were getting away from timeshares and now offering fraction properties -- yes, deeded and tangible investment properties. Big, fat lie. However, they have a website and even a LinkedIn page advertising this. I wasn't interested at first, but they were very, very aggressive and brought the price down and threw in a bunch of extra weeks and perks. When I got back to the states I found out it wasn't true by their own customer service department, who blamed it on ME for falling for it -- what?!

    The sales process was aggressive, as I said. They lured us in the first day with an "issue" regarding the reservation, after I turned them down for a free breakfast. They tracked us down at a restaurant and drug us to the sales office. We were there from 10:00 a.m. until after dark without food -- but they did ply us with margaritas (which is against Mexican law). Moreover, I needed medication in my room, which I wasn't allowed to go get, and my husband is hypoglycemic and needs food, which he was denied. Both of those things DRASTICALLY affected our decision-making, not to mention the fact we were exhausted. When I started to wane, they separated me from my husband, telling me to "just sign" and they'd "bring my husband back" to me. What, had they kidnapped him? It was very, very creepy. They illegally charged my credit card without my knowledge or authority. It was a mess.

    Worst "vacation" EVER!!!!!!!!!! And most expensive.

  • Cristina Chavez Julio 19, 2019, 11:12 am

    Quiero información para saber como cancelar un timeshare del Mayan bliss.

  • LIBIA KARELIA GALVIS RODRIGUEZ Junio 26, 2019, 2:45 pm


  • Katisha R Hedgepeth Junio 13, 2019, 10:05 pm

    Worse experience ever... Customer service sucks... Didnt get the room i purchased.. Housekeeper through our food away... Someone stole stuff out of our luggage not sure if it was here or airport because luggage got in next day... They hassle u at the gate... 1 week of being miserable...

  • Meredith Junio 11, 2019, 6:19 pm

    We did not purchase a timeshare (we did, but cancelled it the next day) but got talked into a "Private Reserve Travel Collection" - DON'T DO IT! It is worthless.....
    We are currently trying to get our money back, but no one answers telephone calls or emails. DO NOT do business with Luis Farias or Julian Poot Romero - jackals!

  • Nicolas May 2, 2019, 10:31 pm

    no caigan en la trampa de estas personas, no se dejen llevar por la emoción y todo lo que les prometen, nosotros despues de un tiempo nos dimos cuenta que no es mas que solo mentiras, tenemos membresia con ellos y no es nada de otro mundo, de hecho buscamos la cancelación.

  • Jaques Savino Abril 21, 2019, 5:44 pm

    I would like to relate my experience to help other people who were also deceived by Vidanta.
    I stayed with my family at the Grand Luxxe Jungle , in the Riviera Maya, from 01/14/19 to 01/26/19, using 2 exchange weeks of Interval International, who I have affiliation since 2013 with Westgate Resorts.
    The room I stayed in Vidanta was of high luxury, with a full kitchen. In addition, there were several facilities, such as concierge, swimming pools, golf course, tennis courts, restaurants, shops... Although the price of restaurants and shopping products were above the average, the quality was very good. New facilities were being built. We were impressed with the size of the complex and the quality of the facilities. We could never imagine that this group would be able to apply so many scams to its consumers.
    On 01/16/2019, we witnessed the presentation of Vidanta (performed by sales representative Jason Cachaguay). He explained the following advantages over the package we already had:
    1) There would be no annuity payment (unlike our situation at Westgate Resorts). FALSE!!! There is an annual fee of USD 400.00 for maintenance of the Vida Lifestyle (kind of a travel agency);
    2) When use the timeshare (transferring the week of Vidanta), weeks would duplicate (because of that we accept exchange our 2 weeks (Westgate), for 1 week (Vidanta) FALSE !!! This only occurs when transferring to SFX, for a limited time;
    3) SFX had a larger inventory than Interval International and RCI together (a pyramid image was shown , where SFX was at the top). FALSE!!! Although not paying annuity in SFX (gold member), the transfer options are very limited.
    We agreed to exchange our current timeshare with a USD 17,000 payment because we would not need to pay more annuities and the exchange options would be much higher. We have a presentation of Jason, where there were trading options in Brazil, Punta Cana, India or Greece.
    We tried to use SFX in February/2019. Otherwise, the damage would be much greater.
    After enabling membership with SFX, we discovered that there were no exchange options in Brazil. We also tried to make the reservation in Punta Cana (only option presented by Jason, who actually existed in SFX). Unfortunately, there was no availability in any week of 2019 (we tried every week).
    We consulted SFX by email, which confirmed that there were no options in Brazil, unlike the Jason presentation.
    At this point, we began our cancellation process with Vidanta on 02/25/2019.
    We tried phone contact, without success. We sent an e-mail reporting the above facts and requesting the cancellation of the contract. We already paid USD 9,650.
    We received the answer that the options of "exchange" in Brazil would be through Vida Lifestyle and Interval International. The Vidanta group reported that Jason's presentation is just a draft and is not part of his contract.
    If our family was in a Grand Luxxe unit Jungle in the Vidanta Riviera Maya with an exchange made by Interval International, a company which we were affiliated, what would be our motivation for the exchange of our upper unit (double room with kitchen) for a lower unit (junior loft) with an additional payment of $ 17,000?
    We conclude that the Vidanta group not only agrees with this type of approach, but also order its sellers to use any “not in the contract" artifacts and therefore would not have legal value, to make the sale effective.
    We exchanged some messages by e-mail, where Fernanda Longo, from the Vidanta group, has offered progressive discounts to keep us with their product. However, we do not wish to do business with a company that even aware of the abusive and misleading practice of its representatives, claims that there is a signed contract and a contract verification record and that the "draft" has no legal value.
    I formally submitted a registered letter (using DHL) to request the contract cancellation. This letter was received on 03/04/2019.
    I made the complaint at PROFECO, stating that the group Vidanta acted in bad faith, in violation of Articles 32 and 92 of the Ley Federal de Proteccion al Consumidor because they sold a product that does not exist. I still have not received a response from PROFECO.
    I filed a dispute with my credit card, reporting this history. The amounts paid have been reversed, but the process is still under review.
    In all messages, Fernanda Longo informs that will not refund the amount already paid, threating us they will send the contract to collection agencies and saying that the dispute with the credit card takes about 6 months.
    We are awaiting the outcome of this problem.

  • Lorena Abril 8, 2019, 12:07 am

    bad decision , never go to mayan palace and accept a timeshare presentation invitation! all its a fraud, we felt in their traps and now we dont know how to quit of our membership.

  • Alejandra Guerra Marzo 18, 2019, 10:05 pm

    Tenemos mas de 3 años con membresia de este resort de mayan palace, solo 1 ocasión hemos logrado hacer uso de la misma, de ahi en fuera no hemos podido, ya que nos dicen que no tienen disponibilidad, todo esto a raíz que no quisimos hacer un "upgrade" a nuestra membresía, de esta forma abusan porque saben que tenemos que continuar pagando.

  • Josue Deras Marzo 15, 2019, 5:40 pm

    I came to Mayan palace in Mexico and it is nowhere close to Puerto Vallarta. The buildings are very old and falling apart and you don't get your moneys worth.

    I was given a complimentary breakfast by the host when we first arrived if we would listen to the sales department for 90 mins. We said yes.

    The day came and it was at 9:30 am. It was suppose to be for 6 of us, they made my children wait outside in the sun while me and my wife went for a small interview. 40 mins later the agent was forcing us to buy what he was offering, we kept saying no because that we had a timeshare already and the only reason we did it was because they told us they would give us a complimentary breakfast just to hear it out. The agents name was miguel and he was very rude and seemed frustrated that he wasnt selling on top of that he told us he was wasting his time and would not take us for breakfast. At that point I got upset and told him to leave and we walked out.

    His manager came (not him) and asked for forgiveness and asked us just to left it go without any other form of apology or trying to make our situation better. I feel that I have been mistreated as a tourist and by far this is the worst resort I've stayed in Mexico. I have been traveling mexico for more then 10 years and have been to dozens of resorts and this is the worst ever.

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